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We have the sense for premium weddings

Sabrina Bortoluzzi is the founder of Luxury Swiss Weddings. Years back she started realizing events, which has been not only an event, she has realized experiences for sparkling eyes.

Each wedding is an individually planned and organized unique event, especially designed” to point out the personalities for the couples.

Today a Wedding is more than just one day in a couple’s life. It’s kind of an experience and it’s a way to express the individuality of the twosome. It is more and more important to create an event, which is an adventure for the guests too.

The portfolio of Swiss Luxury Weddings offers a wide range of exclusive wedding arrangements. It’s the most important for us to only recommend and book selected partners to guarantee an extravagant premium wedding.

All bookings with service providers and suppliers are discussed and confirmed by the couple before booking. 

Luxury Swiss Weddings

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